Produced and Developed by

Chris Walker

Based on a Story by

Chris Walker

Matt Bird

Douglas Mangum

Starring in Alphabetical Order

Jill Butterfield


Christina Calph


Shannon Coffey


Kaite Johnson

Mrs. Bateman

Julie Katz


Aaron Kheifets


Pedro Lee


Kirstan Perry


Davram Stiefler


Justin Tyler


Walter Vincent


Guest Starring

Johnny Webster


Brice Foster

1st Fan in Line

Aharon Hebert

Wolf Beard

Casey Bartolucci

Punching Bag


Hot Comic Girl

Theme Song

Moot Booxlie

Executive Producer

Chris Walker 

Production Coordinator

Matthew Newton

Assistant Director

Ashley Panzera 


David Gelston

Camera Operators

David Gelston

Barbie Leung 

Rebecca Lipman

Camera Assistant

Jared  Kasanofsky


Josh Mankoff

Production Assistant

Melissa Weiss

Boom Operators

Melissa Weiss

Ashley Panzera

Rebecca Lipman

William Hsieh


Chris Walker

Patrick miller

Sound Editor/

Sound re-REcording MIXER

William Hsieh

Wardrobe Supervisor

Meagan Andrews

Make Up Hair

Melissa Vento

Anatalia Fernandez

Wardrobe Provided by



Black Water Tees

Filmed LIVE on Location in Front of Comic Book Store Customers at:

Jim Hanley's Universe NY, NY

Cast and crew Bios:

MIKE (Justin Tyler) is a nice guy who loves old comics. Managing the store for several years, he pretends to hate the store, staff, and the regulars, however they are a large part of his life and he wouldn't trade them for anything.

KAITLIN, (KIrstan Perry) the senior manager of the store is a bit of a domineering control freak with a tendency to get on everyone’s nerves.  Although perceived by the stores regulars as a kind of disapproving parental figure, she is actually secretly proud that they have made the store their unofficial club house.

GINGER (Julie KAtz) is the cool, knockout at the store who also sidelines as a slash everything: writer, band member, bartender.  She tries hard to feign apathy towards her status as the store’s resident hottie, but she’s covertly obsessed with being cool and the indie boy regulars who think she’s the hottest thing since fire. 

DENNIS (Pedro Lee) dreams of making it as the next big Marvel artist and serves as the store’s artist and hip-hop aficionado.  He’s a little too friendly with the regulars and is more likely to join in on their shenanigans than discourage them.

BERNARD, (Walter X) a brand manager and web architect, is an uber cool nerd who has been coming to the store since he first arrived in NY for college.  He’s the good natured ring leader of the regulars and will do anything for them and the staff whom he considers family.

TAYLOR (Johnathan Fernandez) is the youngest of the group, but he is also a bona fide genius having graduated from college at 16. Despite his intelligence he’s a little awkward, and his perception of social interactions often leads to him speaking before his thoughts have been properly filtered. 

JEREMY (Davram x) is your mid-twenties, comic-obsessed, unemployed, still-lives-with-his-mother "by choice damnit" comic book store main stay.  He pulls often crazy antics which are really more funny than mean spirited, and refuses to get a real job, instead banking on a series of ridiculous “get rich quick” schemes.

BATEMAN, (Aaron X) who does well for himself working in finance, is as crude as he is crass.  He uses the store as a kind of escapism from MRS. BATEMAN (Katie johnson) his tight-reigned, overbearing, lawyer wife who sees his affiliation with the store and its regulars as a distraction.  He often acts out and instigates trouble at the store.  

MACKENZIE aka Mac and cheese, (Christina Calph) is a physical trainer, is the group's personal cheerleader, always supporting the regulars in whatever goals they have.  She is obsessed with super heroes and wants to learn as much as she can about them, and while she can be a bit gullible, she is clever in her own way.

KAYLA (SHANNON COFFEY) a grad student and resident otaku, works as a research assistant, and while she appears calm and shy on the outside, underneath she is an incredibly passionate, vivacious person.  Her laid back personality makes her a bit passive aggressive and sarcastic, but through it all she is a sweetheart.

JANE (JILL BUTTERFIELD) is a professional speaker and business coach who enjoys using analogues from comics to give the super hero perspective to her business clientele.  She’s good natured, helpful, and a bit of a goofball, but she can also be a bit cocky and smug at times.


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In the tradition of “Cheers”, “The Office” and “Friends”, comes Anti-Matter, a workplace and family of friends comedy which takes a playful life in the comic shop! 

Set in a comic book store, Anti-Matter features the zany often hilarious hijinks that happen with the staff and the idiosyncratic regulars of a NY comic book shop who treat the store more like a clubhouse than a place of business.

Through the exploits of the staff and regulars Anti-Matter serves as a hilarious gateway for audiences to laugh as a surprising number of life’s events occur in the shop.

about the show:

Jill Butterfield- “Jane”

Jill Butterfield studied drama at Middlesex University in London, England. Born and raised in New Jersey and a graduate of William Paterson University she now calls New York City her home.  A veteran of the stage, Jill has also performed with improv groups and in sketch comedy shows. Her film credits include Lost Track which won the best short film award at the NYC Film Festival.

Christina Calph- “MacKenzie”

Christina Calph is a versatile artist who is very honored to be playing the role of Mackenzie.  Christina can be seen playing the role of Sofia in the upcoming film, Arthur. She can also be seen in IFC’s The Whitest Kids U Know, ESPN’s Port 80, Naija Boys’s African Thriller, Rescue Me and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Shannon Coffey- “Kaitlin”

Shannon Coffey was born in New York, and at age 5 moved to Puerto Rico where she spent thirteen years trying to explain what freckles were. In 2003 she moved back to New York and began studying improvisation at UCB in 2006. Shannon was also a regular on GamePlay HD’s sketch comedy series Señor Nugget. She wants more than anything to be on Mad Men or in one of the next Twilight films.

Katie Johnson- “Mrs. Bateman”

Katie Johnson is a Washington D.C. native, became a professional ballerina, nerded it up at Harvard, cavorted on Wall Street and then got down to business and became an actress. She’s been on The Colbert Report, All My Children and can be seen in many indie films.  In her free time Katie likes reading about Japanese Manga from the Edo period.

Julie Katz- “Ginger”

Julie Katz is an actor, writer and improviser who studies Drama at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.  She is a member of the all female comedy collective, Candy Slice, as well as various other improv groups of mixed genders, and the Brooklyn Soundpainting Company. Her solo show, The Number Jane, was selected to be a part of Breedingground’s Spring Fever Festival.

Aaron Kheifets- “Bateman”

Aaron Kheifets is a comedian, writer and director who’s writing and direction has garnered many awards and has been seen on Comedy Central.  Aaron also runs A-Side/B-Side at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, and his credits include MTV, College Humor TV, and the cult phenomenon Mortified. His finest moment was becoming a finalist for Playboy’s Mustache of the Year.

Pedro Lee- “Dennis”

Hailing from South Carolina, Pedro Lee is respected as a writer as well as a performer.  Pedro has been featured live on MNN and CTV cable. He has appeared on MTV’s FNMTV and has also been featured in two independent films, Revolverand The Greatest Low Budget Film Ever Made. He has also performed stand up in The Black Comedy Experiment Project.

Kirstan Perry- “Kaitlin”

Kirstan Perry is a versatile actress who has found success acting in theater, film, and television.  She can be seen in movies such as Smoking Laws and Sober, as well as in several MTV promos.  Her theater credits includeHoliday Cocktail Lounge, Den of Thieves, and Lil’ Abner amongst other.  Kirstan is also skilled at dancing, pilates, yoga, swimming, scuba diving, driving, and can make a mean turkey taco.

Davram Stiefler- “Jeremy”

Davram is an actor/comedian from Grand Junction, Colorado.  He has performed comedy all over New York City, including co-producing and hosting a stand-up comedy showcase entitled Unhand Me Sir!. Davram can be seen in the 2000 horror movie spoof Machine Head, and the 2010 film, Restless, about new pharmaceuticals that eliminate boredom.

Justin Tyler- “Mike”

Justin Tyler is a writer and actor in New York City, and a member of the late UCB Harold team, Havana Clambake, as well as a founding member of sketch/improv groups Cubicle and Tybrus. Justin is a monthly contributor to Jest Magazineand the artistic director of Pig Brooch Inc, which produced his play, Happy Mundanes, in the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival.

Walter Vincent- “Bernard”

Walter Vincent is a native New Yorker.  He showed an interest in acting from a young age when he used to perform Jim Carry impersonations in his basement. Walter learned to play the base and formed several neighborhood bands, and grew into a composer, songwriter, lyricist, musician, and vocalist.  He majored in theater and music at Wagner College and studied improv with the Upstanding Citizens Brigade.

Chris Walker- writer/director

Chris Walker is a NY based writer, filmmaker and visual artist. He developed and produced Manga Vibe, for Starz Media and Manga Entertainment, and his artwork has been used in Addidas, Marvel and DC Comics, Virgin Records, XXL, and Sony Pictures offerings.

Walker has worked with many iconic characters including Batman and Superman.  He likes to beatbox in his spare time, much to the annoyance of his friends.

 David Gelston- Cinematographer

 Born in Montreal, David works as freelance photographer and cinematographer in New York. In 2008 he co-founded Shenanimedia Inc. a multidisciplinary media company specializing in the production and distribution of low-budget, hi-quality audio and video content. 

He graduated from Cornell University in 2007 and can trace his interest in film back to middle school when he used to film and edit sketches with his friends.

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